Recommendations To Update Your Backyard Into A Useful And Enjoyable Outdoor Space

22 August 2018
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When the weather outside warms up for spring and summer and remains warm through the beginning of fall, it can be nice to be able to spend time in your backyard with friends and family. When your backyard space is attractive and inviting with landscaping and a gathering space, you are more likely to spend time in the fresh air, which can improve your mood and your health. Here are some recommendations to make your backyard enjoyable and a great outdoor space for the warmer months.

Install an In-Ground Pool

An in-ground pool in your backyard provides a place for you and your friends to enjoy the sun while staying cool. And a pool makes a great place to participate in low-impact exercises to help benefit your health. Consult a pool construction business like Elite Pools to help choose the size, shape, and type of pool you want installed depending on your budget and needs, and select an appropriate placement in your yard for optimal use.

There are many types of pools you can choose from, such as fiberglass formed, concrete built, and vinyl lined pools. Each pool has different construction methods; some are more quickly installed than others that are built on site in your backyard.

Decide where in your yard you want your pool. For example, if you have trees in your yard, placing the pool next to the trees will shade areas of the pool and can also put excess debris in the water you will need to clean out, so take this into consideration. Be sure you can install a safety perimeter fence around your pool's location to protect others from accidental drowning.

Install a Concrete-Paved Surface

Around the perimeter of your pool, you will want to install concrete pavement. Be sure the concrete is brushed with a texture to create a non-slipping surface to prevent you and others from slipping when you and your feet are wet. Concrete is recommended over grass or gravel, as they can put excess debris in your pool.

Plant Lawn

It is also beneficial to have a lawn in your yard surrounding your pool and its concrete paved area. A lawn will help keep the rest of your yard much cooler during the hottest days, and will make your yard more functional for outdoor games, and children and pets playing. A lawn is also a great place to host a croquet tournament and cookout in your backyard with all your friends, for example.

Use these recommendations to update your boring and unused backyard space into an area you will enjoy as much as possible.