Problems With Your Free-Form Pool And How To Fix Them

13 April 2018
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Free-form pools are really quite lovely. Most of the time, they are designed to fit an awkward space, while simultaneously adding decorative beauty to your backyard. Many of them are made to look like natural pools of water with lots of river stone, a waterfall or fountain, and paved stone surrounding the pool.

If your free-form pool looks like something out of a resort brochure, then you have quite the pool. You will also have quite the problems with it when it gets older. Here are some examples of those problems, and how to fix them.

The River Stone from Rock Formations Come Loose

All of those beautiful rock formations you have will eventually wear down. As they do, some of the slabs or rocks may come loose. Then they will fall in the pool, or heaven forbid, fall on somebody's head in the pool. If you notice that any of the slabs of rock or rock shapes are coming loose, stay out of that area of the pool and call your swimming pool repair service. The repair person will be able to secure the slabs and rock formations with fresh cement/concrete and/or bolt them in place.

The Fountain or Waterfall Jettisons Discolor Water

Yikes. This is usually a sign that either your pool has not been cleaned as well, or that there is something stuck and/or jammed up in the hose that takes pool water through a filtering hose and up into the fountain or waterfall area. Make sure the mechanics of the fountain or waterfall are thoroughly cleaned and checked.

If there is something stuck, then the repair technician or pool cleaner can remove it to get the fountain or waterfall working properly again. If the water is still discolored, you might need to remove the mechanics of the waterfall/fountain and either replace them or skip replacing them altogether. (Most people prefer to replace the parts as the waterfall or fountain are really lovely touches to your pool.)

The Natural Stone Deck Gets Too Rough

When the natural stone that creates your pool deck gets rough, it is not pleasant for bare feet to walk upon. This repair is simple enough. You only need to grind and buff the deck stone to a smoother texture again. It is also a good idea to re-grout the deck stone so that these stones do not come loose anytime in the near future.

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