3 Stress-Free Ways To Transform Your Pool Area

5 September 2017
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Even though you have an in-ground pool in the backyard, you might feel like that section does not look decorative or bright enough. If you want to enhance the look of your pool as well as the area around it, there are some quick adjustments you can make. A few quick changes could leave your pool area looking its best.

1. Invest in a Pool Liner

Decorate the inside of your pool with a beautiful liner. The liner is something that gets placed on both the walls and the floor of the pool. There are liners available in several shades of blue as well as a few other colors. Some of the different options even have neat designs on them, such as images of stones, sharks, and assorted colorful fish.

Pool liners allow you to easily decorate the inside of your pool so that it looks even fancier when there is water inside of it and you are swimming around. If you would love a custom look for your pool, this is the way to go. Before you decide to get a liner installed, you must first select the material. Some of the common materials that are offered include fiberglass and vinyl.

The fiberglass options often require less maintenance, which may be convenient for you. However, vinyl liners are typically more affordable and may be easier to install. Ask a pool contractor about the options, learn more about the advantages of those particular options, and then base your decision on the information you receive.

2. Illuminate the Area

Once you have created a custom look for your pool, you may want to focus on brightening up the area surrounding the pool. One way to get started is to purchase lights that you could hang up in your backyard. Instead of purchasing small string lights that are normally used for the holiday season, you should purchase commercial string lights.

The reason it is best to purchase commercial string lights is because they have the ability to withstand different elements and are known for being weatherproof. If you did not purchase commercial options, you may constantly have to replace the string lights simply because the weather destroyed them. You can hang these lights from trees or poles that you have placed in the backyard, making sure they surround the pool area.

Although you can install the lights straight across the sides of the pool using cable wires and clips, you may want to get creative and test out different patterns with these lights, including zig zags and circles. No matter what you decide to do, the addition of string lights around the pool area is such a fun way to add more some brightness and excitement.

3. Place LED Lights Inside of the Pool

Even after adding lights to the area surrounding the pool, you might still want that section of the backyard to look a bit brighter. There is a simple and convenient solution that will only take you a few minutes to complete. You could purchase LED lights to place in the pool. There are options that are made to stick directly to the liner so that you do not have to worry about dealing with a stressful installation process. Simply pop them on the sides of the pool and turn them on whenever you are swimming at night for instant brightness.

If your pool area looks quite dark and a bit too simple, you might want to make a few changes. You can start by selecting the perfect liner for your pool. After choosing a decorative liner in a material that works best for you based on affordability, quality, and maintenance, you might want to start hanging up commercial string lights around your pool. You could even add a few LED lights to the inside of the pool to illuminate that backyard space even more. For more information, contact companies like Anchor Pools & Spas.