Three Custom Pool Ideas To Consider For Your Backyard

25 August 2017
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A custom swimming pool can create a luxurious look for your backyard, and it can also give you an ideal way to entertain during the summer. If you are considering having a custom pool built, here are a few features you might want to consider.

Zero-Entry Pool

A zero-entry pool, otherwise known as a beach-entry pool, lets you walk into your pool without the need for a ladder. This option is great for families with small children, as it creates a shallow end that can be used by children of all ages. Tiny tots can walk in water up to their toes, while older children can wade until they find the water level they are most comfortable with. You can pair this idea with a fountain or sprinkler system to create more of a water park feel for the kids to enjoy.

Island Oasis

You can create a swimming pool that has an island in the center for sunbathing or entertaining. Your custom pool builder can create a concrete platform in the center of the pool, or you can have the area landscaped with trees, shrubs, or grass. This brings a beautiful, natural feel to your yard, and any small trees you add can provide much-needed shade on hot, sunny days. For very large pools, you can even place more than one island in the center.

Lazy River

If you want a true water park experience in your backyard, consider working with your custom pool builder to create a lazy river in your backyard. This idea can be combined with the island oasis, and it provides a fun option for spending time with guests at parties. There are several different shapes and styles to select from for inspiration, and a lazy river can be constructed to surround a traditional swimming pool, providing lots of different options for having fun in your backyard. For this option, you'll want to make sure that you put in a few safety features to ensure everyone can safely enjoy the lazy river feature, such as padded side rails. You'll also want to make sure you have plenty of floating rings for guests to enjoy lounging on when in the lazy river.

Talk to a custom pool builder at a company like Paragon Pools about these options, and choose the ones that are right for your available space and entertaining needs. With a few custom touches, you can create a resort-worthy swimming pool right in your backyard.