How To Landscape Your Swimming Pool And Hot Tub Area

24 August 2017
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Are you looking at pools or hot tubs for sale to install in your yard? Maybe you have moved into a home that has an existing pool and hot tub, but it is not landscaped yet. Either way, if you are trying to beautify the area around your swimming pool and your hot tub, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Start With Some Research - Looking at pictures will probably give you a lot of ideas for landscaping your swimming pool and hot tub area.

Go to the library to look at landscaping books. Think of taking the books home so that you can have the time to make notes of things you like. If you have found reference books that you can't take home with you, take pictures of the information you need, or use the library copier so you won't have to write too much information down.

Another idea is to buy house and garden magazines. Look for things that are out of the ordinary that can be incorporated into your design.

For example, you might see a picture that includes many decorative birdhouses in a patio room. There's no reason why you can't include birdhouses around your swimming pool.

Keep a file of pictures you cut out of magazines and of notes you have taken so that you can refer to them while you're doing the actual landscaping in the pool and hot tub area.

Make Your Design Work - Visualize the look you want to create from the notes and pictures you accumulated and draw your plan on paper.

Think of using colored construction paper to designate what you will do before you start working. For example, cut the pool and the hot tub out of blue paper, use pink for rose bushes and green for bushes. You get the picture!

Along with plants you use in your landscaping, don't forget to use things like large rocks and statuary. For example, a huge flat rock can be used as part of a waterfall that goes into the swimming pool. Clay birds of different sizes can be used alongside planters by your hot tub.

Think of taking pictures as you work on your landscaping. Later on it will be fun to see how your work progressed. Also, looking at pictures will help you to see areas that need to be tweaked to make the landscaping complete.