Create A Natural Lagoon Paradise With These 3 Awesome Custom Pool Design Ideas

15 August 2017
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If you want to have a pool added to your home, custom pools give you many options, like natural designs and features for your pool area. Natural pools are a great way to create outdoor features that blend in with the landscaping that surrounds them. Here are some awesome natural pool design ideas to give your home the pool you always wanted:

1. The Water Features That Also Serve to Keep Water Clean

There are many different types of water features that you can add to your pool. With a natural pool design, the water features are important because they help to keep the water clean. You want to choose water features that help to keep the water moving and prevent insects from nesting in your pool. In addition, there are features like pond skimmers, which can help to remove any floating debris that is on top of the water and which filter water before it goes to the pumps for the water features.

2. Dividing Areas for Swimming and Aquatic Gardens for Filtration

If you are investing in a custom natural pool design, you probably want to have a clean swimming area that is free of components like plants and animals that filter the water. Consider dividing swimming and filtration areas with physical barriers. The filtration system can be part of an aquatic garden in your landscaping design, while the swimming area can be clean and free of animals and plants. Choose plants that are good at filtering the water but that are easy to maintain.

3. Using Fish and Animals to Help Filter Water and Keep Pool Clean

There are fish and animals that help to eat algae, insects and debris in the water. Use fish to help control plants and other debris that can reduce water quality. Adding a couple of fish to the swimming area can also give your pool and interesting appearance. Koi are great because they eat organic matter and insects that get in the pool, and they have attractive colors. Other algae-eating fish may not be as attractive as koi, but they will be great to keep the water clean.

These are some awesome natural pool design ideas that will help you create a unique custom pool for your home. If you are ready for a new pool for your home, contact a pool installation service like All-American Pools and talk with them about natural pools.